in 5 steps

Repeat procedure (steps 1-2-3) on three consecutive days.
The result (steps 4-5) appears within 10 minutes.

A carefully conducted test provides a high degree of certainty. So you can trust the results. To increase the likelihood of detection, it's important to collect samples from three consecutive stools. This is because your stool samples may contain microscopic amounts of blood on some occasions and not on others.

** Read the package leaflet carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

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a negative test

Have you completed the procedure using3 successive samples and the test is negative? Good news! Don't forget to repeat the FECOTEST® every year. That way, you are less at risk of bowel cancer.

a positive test

Make sure to contact your doctor for a further colorectal examination. There's no reason to panic if you have a test with a positive result There are a number of less severe disorders that could be responsible for the blood in your stool.

We support NPO Stop Darmkanker (Stop Bowel Cancer). Dr Luc Colemont puts his motto "sharing knowledge can save lives" into practice every day by giving lectures at various locations.

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